Adobo Sauce
Marty Martindale

It’s easy to think Adobo Sauce only comes in a can with chipotle peppers. 

Not true! Fresh is easy to make and is basically only dried chilies, garlic, water, oil, a bit of flour and your own choices of spicing.

Simply roast a dozen or so chilies (ones with the amount of heat you like) in a  400-degree oven until collapsed, being careful not to burn. Remove from oven.

Remove stemmed tops and open. Remove seeds and inside flesh to make less hot.

Place in container and cover with hot water. Let soak for 30 minutes, drain saving liquid.

Place chilies in food processor with a dash of flour, sprigs of cilantro and enough  chili-soaking water to achieve a good sauce thickness. Add small amounts of any of the following spices for a sauce which suits YOUR PERSONAL TASTE.

Garlic cloves



Chili powder

Onion powder

Dash cider vinegar

Small amount of raw honey


Smoked paprika


Unsweetened cocoa powder

Heat small amount of oil in skillet until hot, add sauce from processor, simmer for a couple of minutes to set flavors and taste for salt. Add the juice from half a lemon and cool. Place in storage container. Use to liven up any savory dish you cook.

Marty Martindale

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