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FORKS over KNIVES:  It’s clear the United States has a poor record for good health, and we leave a clear trail of having sold our souls for a sweet taste (diabetes) and the grease and blood of meat (heart disease). is a   convincing documentary about the different results from an animal- Forks over Knives based diet and a plant-based diet.

One of the most compelling arguments in the film is when they cite the high cost of fattening up cattle for the meat consumers of North America. It also tells how much corn it takes to do this, corn which could better be food for a larger world where starvation is rampant. Hint:  No one ever tells us which meat is better for us than another as they do vegetables.

Fork over Knife’s central message is:  Save money on expensive meat and substitute much of it with protein in other foods which may not, right now, be as delicious as meat. The payoff?  Better health, a leaner form and money saved.  The film’s data is supported by some strong figures, records gathered over many years and agrees with studies in other countries.

It is a good selfish that makes one want to experience their best possible, life-long, health. All it takes is finding new joys in the tastes of foods we have foolishly ignored in the past.



Marty Martindale

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