Foodsite Picks for 2011
Marty Martindale

SATURDAY MARKET’S BREAKFASTS IN CHINA – What are their customs, choices, vendor’s arrangements and more.

ABALONE FARM —  Many chefs compare it to scallops or lobster with a texture of veal, tender, rich and smacks of the sea. They ship.

GUIDE TO BUILDING YOUR OWN TRAIL MIX – This is a modular approach and describes your choices in different ingredient categories. Great snacking!

Menu Sampling — IOZZO’S GARDEN OF ITALY, INDIANAPOLIS IN – Smoked Salmlon Platter, Scallops and Goat Cheese, Iceberg Stack, Toasted Ravioli, Italian Wedding Soup, Orzo Portabella, Salmon Piccata, Maple Bourbon Pork, Steaks Grilled, Iozzo or Oscar,

BLOGS ON WORLDWIDE STEET FOOD – Takoyaki in Osaka, South Korea’s Hot Dogs, Hanoi Street Bun Cha and more.

INTOLERANT OFFSPRING – Help for living with, or without, the foods your child doesn’t like.

OLD-TIME WHIMSY AND SUPERSTITIONS – This is actually a search engine of whimsies. Includes food and lots of other categories.

COUPONS AND OFFERS —  Coupon codes, sales and deals updated daily. Search over 4,000 stores. Print your own!

Menu Sampling — BABALOO TACOS AND TAPAS, JACKSON MS —  Tableside Guacamole, Pico de Gallo “shooter,” Carnitas, Hongas, Torta Cubana, Chicken Empanadas, Chorizo-Stuffed Mushrooms, Delta Grind Grits, Roasted Peanut Slaw, Tamarind Margarita,

ALL ABOUT FONDUE – Literally. Sections of recipes for Broth Fondue, Cheese Fondue, Chocolate Fondue, Dessert Fondue, Dips for Hot Oil and Broth Fondue, Equipment and Hot Oil Fondue.

JAZZMEN RICE – (Not jasmine) – A new aromatic brown rice from Louisiana – “Music for your mouth!” they say.

U. S. GOVERNMENT FOOD SAFETY – This is an important site:  recalls, alerts, food poisoning info, keeping food safe and more.

A TASTE OF THAI – brings us an amazingly simple, quick recipe for a Thai favorite. Just make sure your Red Curry Paste is not older than three months!

Menu Sampling — GRACIE’S, PROVIDENCE RI – Sherry Roasted Beet Salad, Rhode Island Mussels & Cockles, Gracie’s Rigatoni Companaro, Local Skate Wing, Roasted Giannone Chicken Ballotine, Bomster Sea Scallops, Madagascar Vanilla Bean Crème Brulee,

UNDERGROUND SALT MINE – It’s exhibits, educational, a train ride 600-feet underground. They also have an Interactive Dinner Theatre!

CRAVE CHEESE –Their mascarpone takes home four first place honors. See how else they make Wisconsin cheese proud.

COOKING DISTRICT – Read about the foods they think were most important in 2011.

YUM-O ORGANIZATION – Rachel Ray’s non-profit organization which is all about kids, veggies, farmers’ markets, food toolkits and other Yum-o ideas.

– Shrimp & Alligator Cheesecake, Crab and Lobster Chowder, Diver Scallops in garlic Chili Sauce, Canadian Elk Wrapped in Bacon, Shrimp & Seafood with Penne and Sherry Cream, Smoked Carrots in Pecan Sauce, Flourless Chocolate Paradise & Kahlua Cream,

TAIT FARM FOODS – In Central Pennsylvania since 1950 – specialized products, Harvest Shop, The Greenhouse and Community Harvest. Sign-up for their newsletter.

GRITS SIDE DISHES – From Allrecipes, Jalapeno and Monterrey Jack, Shrimp, Cognac and Baked Cheese, Stuffed Tomatoes with Grits and more.

HOUSTON’S ASIAN CONNECTIONS – Reviews of their Chinese, Filipino, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean Malaysian and Thai restaurants.

SPICE HISTORY – A short course from 3000 BC to now.

Menu Sampling — CIOPINOT RESTAURANT, SAN SUIS OBISPO CA – Famous “No Word” Cioppino, Reserve Cioppino, Italian Cioppino, Scottish Salmon, Chilean Seabass, Flat Iron Steak, Seafood Fettuccini, Cockle Clams,

STUDY AT THE SCHOOL OF ARTISAN FOOD – A cooking school located in Welbeck, Nottinghamshire in the UK.



TRADITIONAL FRENCH FOOD – Regional starters, soups, salads, vegetables, fish, meat, cheese and desserts.

SATURDAY MARKET VISITS SAINT TROPEZ – A great food visit by Ditty Deamer when she looks into some of the favorite foods of the Tropez.

CHOWBABY’S HANDY GLOSSARIES – Always restaurants and terminology glossaries for cooking, sushi, coffee, tea, beer, wine, spirits and cigars.

VIZCAYA RESTAURANTE, TAMPA FL – Spanish Merluza, North Atlantic Black Cod Bacalao, Seafood Paella, Zarzuela de Mariscos, Paella Campesina, Lamb Shank with Roasted Pimentos, Wild Mushrooms and Fresh Green Pea Ragout,

THE FOOD NETWORK’S BAREFOOT CONTESSA ON BASMATI RICE –Basmati is so delicate, so special! Here’s the Contessa’s Herbed Basmati Rice recipe and more!

MESSY GOURMET – Everything … Manifesto, Creations, Gadgets, Help with stains, Tips, Trivia and the Messy Gourmet eCookbook on sale.

HISTORIC FOOD – This site is packed with interesting food material from early courses, galleries, molds, links and recipes. Questions? Ask Ivan Day.

WINE CLUB GUIDE – Find out how many types of wine clubs there are, then learn about the ones which interest you.

AMBER AT THE LANDMARK MANDARIN ORIENTAL, HONG KONG – Grefeuille Lamb Braised with Spices, Fruits and Sesame, Petuna Ocean Trout, Belly Seared with Grenobloise & Yarra Valley Caviar, Atlantic Cod Roasted with Celeriac, Iberian Pork Neck in Cabernet Sauvignon, Guanaja Bitter Chocolate over Speculoos and Coffee Ice Cream

THE INGREDIENT STORE – A great source for bulk products, binders, FAB meat enhancers, Sausage Mixes, Starches-gums-flours and more. Interesting source.


ARTISANS OF LEISURE LUXURY CULINARY TOURS – Exposure to chef’s tables, temple restaurants, private clubs, private homes, street vendors and best restautrant, also classes, tours and more.

FOOD TIMELINE NEW YEAR’S FACTS – Read up. If you’re in a group and need to be “chatty” here’s some timely stuff.

EMERIL’S HOPPIN’ JOHN GOOD LUCK BLACK EYED PEAS – Print this up, put it in the kitchen, make sure someone makes it  and assure everyone a far better year!

Menu Sampling — TERRACE ON THE PARK, NYC, NEW YEAR’S EVE MENU – Portobello Station, Whole Suckling Pig, Oyster Bar, Pasta Bar, Tuscany Table, Poached Salmon, Dinner of Surf & Turf, Jumbo Stuffed Shrimp with Crabmeat,

EATING WELL’S NEW YEAR’S RECIPE COLLECTION – Healthy Appetizers, Mains, Sides and Desserts.

CHOW (dot) COM’S COOKIES – They call them “Crazy-Easy Christmas Cookies.” They are “supereasy, delicious and beautiful.” No excuse!

TEA TREKKER – Tea is a world in itself. Seasonal teas, new teas, why they are special, tea harvesting timeline, classes and Japanese Tokoname Teapots.

NEW ENGLAND RECIPES – Ever eaten a Featherbed? Neither have we. Recipes for Featherbeds with potatoes and another without potatoes.

Menu Sampling — JIMMY’S NO. 43, NYC
– Bitter Greens with Anchovy, Toasted Walnuts and Goat Cheese; Beer-Braised Pork Belly; Spinach, Corn, Honshimniji Mushrooms; Steamed PEI Mussels, Dark Beer, Mustard and Lardons; Sauteed Jersey Corn, Garlic Cayenne and Lime; Rustic Vanilla Bread Pudding with Caramel and Ronnybrook Whipped Cream,

FOOD (dot) COM’S FINGER FOOD – All kinds, fruit, seafood, kid-friendly, vegetarian, Hanukkah, mushrooms, Christmas – great collection.

YERBA MATE, GIFTS FOR THE SMART MASSES – “Think Geek” suggests another caffeine gift idea, handsome, too! We’re talking Bombilla Sets!

NAKED BAKES — at Blythswood Square — a gift for the gal who wants everything!

STOCKING STUFFER STORE – Has loads of “little gifts” for the kitchen and other occasions.

Menu Sampling — CASA COLUMBO, COLUMBO, SRI LANKA – Mushroom and Artichoke Empanadas, Passion Fruit & Prawn Ceviche, Tuna Pol Sambal Tortilla, Mutton Cigar with Cucumber Raitha, Deviled Chicked Gizzard, Pandan Baked Mullet Fish,

THE 12 COCKTAILS OF CHRISTMAS – Santa Shots, Chocolate Raspberry Martinis, Mulled Wine, Hot Buttered Rum and more.

RECIPE TROVE – Just as any trove should be, this is a large collection of over 2,000 recipes in 30 categories from Appetizers to Vegetarian foods.

FISH EX, QUALITY SEAFOODS – Help with ordering, recipes, nutrition and spicing. Also a discussion forum.

EMERILS  — This appears to be Emeril’s website headquarters from his restaurants, recipes, cool stuff, history, news, food talk and kitchen tips, also stuff to buy. He loves to teach us, and we are richer for it.

Menu Sampling — TERTULIA IN NEW YORK CITY – Acorn-Fed Iberico Ham, Smoked Pig Cheek, quail egg and Pepper, Fried Padron Peppers and Sea Salt, Crispy Brussels Sprouts and Pork Belly, Smoked Mackarel with Favre Beans and Peppers, Monkfish with Ruby Red Shrimp, Rice and Snails with Wild Mushrooms, Aged Prime Rib with Romesco,

JAPANESE SWEETS – Descriptions of Manju wheat buns, Sweet crackers, Fancy cookies, Holiday cakes, Purin and Pocky sticks.

COOKING.COM’S LITHUANIAN RECIPES – Potato Pancakes, Potato Salad, Kugalis, Kugeli Casserole, Half-Sour Pickles, Bacon Buns and more.

CHEAP WINE FINDER – Reviews, photo gallery, helpful staff and blog. Know more and pay less!

THE REAL ARGENTINA’S FOOD – This is an excellent site to not only learn about their food but also learn about the entire country of Argentina.

ALIBABA TURKISH CUISINE, NYC – Babaganush, Cacik, Lebni, Shrimp Shish, Lamb Cop Shish, Lamb Shank wrapped in Eggplant, Chicken Adana, Pastrami Pide, Chicken Yogurtlu, Homemade Manti, Falafel Dinner for Six,

THE JOY OF BAKING’S HOLIDAY SNICKERDOODLES – America’s favorite holiday cookie. See a video, also get the story behind these cinnamon delights.

WILLIAMS FARM SUGAR HOUSE – Come visit, they’re sharing over 150 years of sugaring and more, too!

VERTIGO FARMING – See interesting video of new generation of farmers, rooftop farmers in Queens, NY. They’re having fun and getting healthier!

COTTON TREE, GRAND CAYMAN, BOTIQUE HOTEL — Ensuite catering by Chef Liz and sommelier on-site in the privacy of your cottage.

Menu Sampling — 5 P.M. BOATHOUSE DINING AT LOCH LOMOND, SCOTLAND – Loch Creran Oysters, Steak & Prawn Kabobs, Paella of Scottish Seafood, Prawn & Jalapeno Pizza, Four-Cheese & Artichoke Pizza, Linguine with Hot Smoked Salmon Cream,

GET MAINE LOBSTER – Delivered directly to your doorstep. Also other products, lobster questions answered, recipes, lobster news and lobster facts.

ZOMATO (dot) COM — India’s biggest online food & lifestyle guide, interesting menus, photos and reviews of the eating and nightlife scene in India’s largest cities.

DURKEE’S SPICE TIMELINE – Interesting, short amazing history of spices in our world, also spice encyclopedia.

TOQUE MAGAZINE – This is a beautiful food magazine you will enjoy: Chefs, Food Stories, Apps and Unusual Recipes.

Menu Sampling — MESA 18 RESTAURANT, MIRAFLORES, LIMA, PERU – Traditional Ceviche, Lime Marinated Scallops with Maca Sauce and Flying Fish Roe, Gyoza Pork and Shrimp Dumplings, Deep-Fried Conger Eel, Congor Eel steamed in Chardonnay with Shitake Mushrooms,

MAPLE-BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE BARS – This recipe comes to us from “Little Spoon Eats” Blog. “Wicked good,” as they say in maple country.

OVERSEAS PINOY STREET FOOD – Over 600 Filipino recipes and street foods explained.

NORTH CAROLINA SWEET POTATOES —  A vegetable with super food powers. Sweet potato fries with blue cheese? More.

DINNER CO-OP COOKBOOK– Second Edition of the co-op cookbook. Download a copy. Also a Christmas Menu.

LONDON LENNIE’S “GET CRACKIN'” CRABFEST – ‘til Nov. 15 – Mixed Claw Cocktail, Steamed Crab and Shrimp Dumplings, Crabmeat Stack, George’s Bank Lemon Sole Imperial, Steamed Mixed Crab Bag, Oregon Dungeness Crab, Pumpkin Flan, Bloody Lennie-Crabfest Style,

FOOD NETWORK ON SLOW COOKERS– Eleven Tips for Slow Cooker Meals, tips to make them better.

DO WE TAKE LEMONS FOR GRANTED? – Learn their history, find recipes and other uses for them.

THE EXPLORATORIUM LOOKS AT COOKING – The  science behind eggs, pickles, candy, bread, seasonings, meat and more.

RODELLE KITCHEN  — House of vanillas, baking essentials and spice blends.

Menu Sampling — ALI BABA TURKISH CUINSINE, NEW YORK – Lebni, Eggplant with Sauce and Pilaki, Wheat Bulgur Stuffed with Lamb and Pine Nuts, Pan Fried Fillo with Feta and Parsley, Zucchini Pancakes with Garlic Yogurt Sauce, Sauteed Pastrami and Humus,

FLORIDA STONE CRAB –Read all about stone crabs, how to buy and a change to buy from the fishermen in Hudson, Florida.

CHINESE FOOD MADE EASY – Cooking Channel’s Ching is delightful, and she makes Chinese food make sense.

SLASHFOOD ON A BRIEF HISTORY OF FAST FOOD – An interesting chronology on fast food, Dim Sum video and more.

CD KITCHEN’S LEMON PIES – There are many types of lemon pies. Here’s some recipes.

Menu Sampling — NEEROB BANGLADESHI, BRONX NY —  Chicken Lollypops, Spinach with Wasabi and Masala, Eggplant with Deshi Masala, Kachchi Birayanai Special Rice and Spices, ask for “Bhaji of the Day,”

BUBES BREWERY AND MUSEUM – in Mount Joy, is a happenin’ place, especially at Hallowe’en! Dine with Countess Dracula; special event, Paranormal Dinner.CHIPOTLE PEPPERS – Learn more about Chipotles as well as 39 other chile peppers. They’re turning up everywhere!

THE TERLINGUA CHILI COOKOFF – They beat the burn ban! Read all about the Nov. 3-5 event.

CHITTERLINGS – is all about soul food, special recipes and a change to get in on a soul food recipe exchange!

Menu Sampling — RITZ CARLTON HOTEL, ISTANBUL, TURKEY – Eggplant Involtini, Beetroot Marinated Salmon, Curd Soup with Minced Meat, Wild-Caught Sea Bass, Vietnamese Shaking Beef, Lamb Shank Confit, French Duck Breast, Rabbit Ravioli with Sage, Molten Chocolate Cake, “Kaymak” ice cream.

A GROCERY STORE MUSICAL VIDEO! – There’s something about seeing people perform where we’re not used to performers … BRAD’S RAW CHIPS – Meet the man behind the crunch and the world’s healthiest chip.

CULTURE KIOSQUE CYBERCHEF – A magazine filled with very interesting, thought-provoking food articles.9

FAT-FREE KITCHEN, COOKING OIL INFO – Contains handy chart of cooking oils and what to expect from each.

GREYSTONE INN, LAKE TOXAWAY NC – tomato Basil Torte, Seared Sea Bass with Lobster Mashed Potatoes, Grilled Wild Pheasant Breast with Mushroom Compote, Chocolate Creme de Menthe Pie,

9LIST OF FLORIDA FOOD FESTIVALS – a year of food festivals – steak, catfish, bbq, seafood, chili, kumquats, chocolate, fiddler crabs, frogs legs, mullet and more.

BROOKLYN BOUNTY – The Brooklyn Historical Society salutes the New Amsterdam Market. Great photography.

VIETNAMESE SOUP RECIPES – Together with rice, soup is the basic item in their meal. Here 49 recipes!

Menu Sampling —  SHOPHOUSE KITCHEN, Coming to a place near you! If you like Chipotle’s, this is Chipotle-on-Asian and looks yummy! Check menu.

THE ORIGINAL FOOD MUSEUM – A true web pioneer, including Food Heritage Sites and Eats Alaska thank you for exploring food with them.

SHOPHOUSE KITCHEN – Soon. From Chipotle, coming to a location near you.

THE CURMUDGEON HOME COMPANION – Dan Goldberg’s Guide to Reality and Good Food like Chinese Tomato and Egg at breakfast and lots more.

TALK ABOUT COFFEE – Get your fancy coffee drinks confused? It’s all lined out here and lots more.

MICHIGAN APPLES – Just about everything apple, recipes, news, healthy living and info for growers.

MEL’S KITCHEN CAFE ORZO PILAF RECIPE – Little pearls of pasta mixed with green onions and Parmesan cheese. Yum!

CRADLE CHALET, TAZMANIA, AUSTRALIA – Twice-Cooked Pork Belly, Panfried Tasmanian Ocean Trout, Scotch Fillet of Beef, Roast Pumpkin & Rocket Risotto, Local Pepperberry-Crusted Wallaby, White Chocolate and Blueberry Tart with Double Cream,

MARKET HALL CALIFORNIA FOODS – Humbolt Fog, Napa Honey, White Ginger Syrup, Massa Organics, Heirloom beans and more.

SIAM CARVING ACADEMY – Learn a new skill! Beautiful fruit carving. Site includes actual video lesson for carving a flower. Purchase more CDs.

BLUEBIRD GRAIN FARMS – Shop for Farro and other grains, flours, cereals, blends. Find recipes, nutrition facts and get the news.

IB FOODS – “When Being Delicious is Necessary,” since 1927, bakery, butcher, cheese, gourmet specialties, Iavarone specialties, pantry items and fine chocolate.

Menu Sampling:  HACIENCA SANTA ANA, COTOPAXI, QUITO, EQUADOR – White Corn Pie with Meat Filling, Plantain Pie with Cheese Filling, Equadorean Potato Soup, Sancocho, Santa Ana Steak with Tres Cheeses, Strawberries & Cream Meringue, Tomarilo Compote,

HOT SAUCE CATALOG – Everything, “Fiery Fun” with healthy options, extra-hots, private labels, sauce gifts, sauce collection baskets, Blairs Death Rain Potato Chips – it’s all comin’ out hot!

EUROPE FOR OKTOBERFEST! – Make hotel reservations, read about the fun, beer prices, smoking, pictures, attractions, even an Oktoberfest dictionary.

SILK ROAD GOURMET – Egypt then and now, Mesopotanian cookery at its best along with recipes.

10 UNUSUAL ASIAN DELICACIES — Two of the 10 are Tuna Eyes and Lamb Brains with delicious descriptions.

Menu Sampling: TORO RESTAURANT, BOSTON MA – Datiles con Jamon, Queso Mahon, Spanish Tuna Belly, Tomato Tapanade and Celery Leaves, Tortilla Espanola, Marinated Mussels with Garlic, Fennel and Sherry Vinegar, Foie Gras con Champinones, Pork Butter with Toast, Tortilla Ensalada and Paella for Two. They  have hamburgers.

FUDGE RECIPE COLLECTION – Dark, Peanutbutter, Microwave, Kahlua, Caramel, Crumbly, Coffee Mocha and more!HOLIDAY GRILL HUMOR FROM E-COOKBOOKS – Signs You’re a Lousey Cook, Big Top Ten List, Jokes & Stories, more!

SHOPORGANIC  MEDITERRANEAN CONDIMENTS – Sauces, chocolate, biscotti, grains, nectars, butters, salts, anchovies, capers, olives,

RECIPES FROM B ‘N B FINDER – Not just breakfast food, appetizers, breads, fruit favorites, holiday treats, quick & easy, soups, vegetarian,

Menu Sampling: THE ATLANTIC INN, BLOCK ISLAND, RHODE ISLAND – Roasted Marrow Bone, Maine Brook Trout, Hawaiian Au Fish, Dominican Breakfast, Armagnac-Roasted Cavendish Farms Quail, Applewood-Grilled All Natural Dry-Aged Sirloin, Gianduja Espresso Torte, Toasted Coconut Panna Cotta,

COOKBOOK MAN – Best selling cookbooks re-arranged monthly based on surveys, useful archives and Cookbook Man’s Cookbook Calendar, a preview of  new cookbooks and their release dates.

JUMBO HONG KONG FOOD PARK – Jumbo Kingdom Landmark, Floating Restaurant, “A Theme Park at Sea.”

EPICURIOUS’ JICAMA RECIPES – Find several salads, Slaw, Tapenade, Saute, Noodle Dish and more.

GROCERT WIZ – Virtual grocery list, food coupons, grocery coupons, calorie counter, recipes and helpful ads.

Menu Sampling:  SUWAS JAPANESE RESTAURANT, CONCORD CA – Japanese Horse Mackerel, Octopus Pancake Puffs, Pork Teriyaki, Deep-Fried Flounder with Mustard Sauce, Grilled Hamachi Collar Bone, Eel on Rice, Chicken and Egg on Hot Bowl of Rice, Roast Duck Ramen, Seaweed Salad, Grilled Whole Squid,

BANANA CLUB MUSEUM –  “World’s Largest Collection devoted to one fruit! Also household unedible bananas, food and drink notions, clothing, linens, videos and activities.


THE OTHER WHITE MEAT – Be inspired by pork’s basics, its nutrition and recipes. How about grilled Brats with Onion Relish. More.

FOOD WALL HANGINGS – Chefs, Warhol, Monet’s Cognac, almost an endless selection.

Menu Sampling: CHIMICHURRIS GRILL, KINGWOOD TX – Churrasco a la Chimichurri, Plantain-Crusted Chicken Breast, Beer-Battered Jumbo Shrimp served over Bed of Mango Peach and Avocado, Baby Snapper with Coffee Crust over Yellow Potatoes, Flash-Fried, Soft-Shell Crab Stuffed with Crawfish, Shrimp and Crbmeat, Champagne Rissoto,

NATURIPE FARMS OF SOUTH AMERICA – Beautiful berries from South America year ‘round. In cooperation with Harifrut North America in Olympia WA.

MARIQUITA – Three columns of vegetables, pictures and how to cook them. Also  unusual veggies.

FARMSTEAD, INC. – Wayland Square, Providence RI, oh that we all had this Farmstead nearby. In league with LaLaiterie they work wonder.

WILLIAM WOYS WEAVER – Seedsman, Master Gardner and Food Historian presents The Keystone Center, dedicated to Pennsylvania and its diverse regions.

Menu Sampling: GASPAR’S GROTTO, YBOR CITY, TAMPA FL – Seventh Avenue Black Bean Bollitos, Plantanos Maduros, Grotto Coquilles St. Jacques, Grotto Snapper Mojito, Italian Club Cheese Steak, Grotto Stromboli, Smokin’ Pork, Shank Chile,

SARA the CHEESE LADY – Sarah Kaufmann is a cheese sculptor. Read about her and see a collection of her cheese creations.BEST BEES – Bees pollinate over 130 of our vital crops. Best Bees installs and helps people maintain bee hives on their properties.

PARTY BEANS – Mark your next occasion with personalized Party Beans.

COOKSRECIPIES FOR FRIED CHICKEN – Chicken Milanesa, Nuggets, Creole Crusted, Non-Fried “Fried,” Buttermilk Pecan and more.

Menu Sampling:PEKIN NOODLE PARLOR, BUTTE, MONTANA – Pickled Onion, Egg Flower Chicken Soup, Green Pepper Chow Mein, Mushroom Noodles with Egg, Tomato Beef Chop Suey, Chicken Almond Chow Mein, Ham Fried Rice,

ITALIAN CUISINE AT HOME – This is a very informative translation of a great Italian food site. It is complete with pictures and a whole lot of recipes.

TRAVEL WITH THE GOURMET FORAGER TO LA PAZ BOLIVIA – Don’t miss this free, visual trip to breathtaking LaPaz, Bolivia. Gorgeous photography, detailed food info.

WHAT IS WHEATGRASS? – It’s an important step toward superior health and vitality. Read why they say this.

THREE FOOD WORDS – The three words are: Cook. Eat. Repeat. Find interesting recipes in many categories.

POPPY OF SEATTLE – Lightly-Fried Mussels, Apple & Beecher’s Cheddar Souffle, Spiced Fig with Onion, Chevre & Sage, Poached Oysters with Sorrel Sauce, Curry Avocado with Chat Masala, Celery Root, Sesame and Carrot, Roasted Beet with Bacon and Oregon Blue Salad,

WISEGEEK ON BASMATI RICE – Do you mix your rices up? Know your Jasmines from your Basmatis? This will straighten you out and gives recipes

UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA AFRICAN COOKBOOK ON MADAGASCAR (MALAGASHY) – Far away, mysterious Madagascar. UP takes some of the mystery out, also includes some of their recipes.

DR. MIRKIN RECOMMENDS HEALTHIEST CEREALS – Too many cereals are laced with salt and sugar. Here are lists, by brand, recommended for numerous reasons.

THE GOURMET EXPO – It happens October 8 & 9 in San Diego. Buy tickets for this class-act food roundup. Get a glimpse of all that will take place.

RISTORANTE GENNARINO, LIVORNO, ITALY – Italy’s beautiful northwest – Octopus Salad with Cannellini Beans, Tuna Roe with Toast And Butter, Black Risotto with Cuttlefish, Seafood Ravioli with Shrimp Sauce, Baccala Alla Livornese with Roasted Polenta, Mullet Livorno, Gnocchi with Pesto Sea Bass, Codfish Stew with Potatoes And Roasted Polenta,

ROAMING HUNGER – Check out the LA food truck scene, the whacky names, the wide variety of themes, how they locate themselves.

GOURMANDIA’S FROZEN CREAM WITH HONEY OF LAVENDER VIDEO – Ever cook with lavender? Here’s a video to take some of the mystery out of it.

COOKING CHANNEL’S HUNGRY GIRL – She knows you like to eat tasty recipes, she finds them and they are less fattening.

PHILADELPHIA’S WIERD AND WILD SANDWICHES – The Shame Burger, The Bolognese, The Natural Disaster, Gelato Sandwich, the Philly Taco and more.

ALAIN-DECASSE AT THE DORCHESTER, LONDON – Duck Foie Gras, Cherries and Green Almonds, Roast John Dory and Broad Beans, Wild Sea Bass Citrus, Anjou Pigeon, Denbigshire Pork, Black Pudding, Warm Ear and Tongue Salad, Bitter Chocolate Coffee Granite,

GLOBAL GOURMET – Kate Heyhoe holds forth once more with always the best, just check the season.

WHERE FISH SING – For Bloggers: Free food art, with attribution, from Fiona Morgan ‘s virtual cookbook. Her book, Meatless Meals Full of Yum, is online and filled with art as well as vegetarian Fecipes. Her art is also for sale on her site. See separate article in our blog titled, you guessed it, Free Art from Where Fish Sing.

ROAD TRIPS FOR FOODIES – Have a trip planned? Check this for some food attractions there – cooking classes, events, tours and more.

EATING IN BUTTE, MONTANA THEN AND NOW, NATIONAL LANDMARK DISTRICT – “Chew and Be Gone Again,” “Booths for Ladies,” the Mai Wah Noodle Parlor, Pork Chop John’s and more.

COLONIE NYC – Oysters with Cucumber Migonette, Piper’s Pyramid Cheese, Boucher Blue, Duck Rillette, Spring Pea Agnolotti, Grilled Escarole, Shishito Peppers and Bottarga, Black Risotto, Pork Belly, Fluke, Sherry Lentils, Pate de Campagne,

CHICAGO FOODIES AND THEIR FAMED BREWERIES – Chicago is very sophisticated beer country. This site take a good, comprehensive look at many of their breweries. Like beer? You’ll love this!

LIVING HISTORY FARM — Living History Farms is an interactive outdoor museum connecting people of all ages to Midwestern rural life experiences.

IN BULK – Black, red or twisted licorice. Can also come in twizzlers, bites, lace or wheels. Buy in multi-pound amounts.

STRANGE AND PECULIAR SILVER – See pictures of elaborate cocktail forks, single-tine butter picks, ice cream slicers, gumbo spoons, sardine serving forks, grapefruit spoons and more.

BROOKSTREET HOTEL, OTTAWA, CANADA – Tomato Gazpacho with Wild Boar and Ramp Brochette, Wild-Caught Sockeye with Parsnip Rosti and Vanilla Hollan

daise, Rainbow Trout with Shrimp and Potato Cake, Chicken Gill-Morgan with Waffled Bacon and Greens, Asparagus and Wild Mushroom Israeli Cous-Cous with Rhubarb and Apple Chutney,

ALLRECIPES’ EASY HOMEMADE VANILLA ICE CREAM – It’s very easy, eggless, sugarless, only four ingredients.

CROCKPOT 365 – A year of slow cooking, 365 recipes for dinners you can make and forget each morning and serve confidently each evening.

THE APPLE JUICE ORGANIZATION – the Jammin’ Juicers spread the apple juice work with fun and games for the kids.

ON THE TABLE (dot) US – From the curious home of Gary Allen, Food Writer and Dillettante his unusual collection of culinary quotations.

THE WALRUS AND THE CARPENTER BAR, SEATTLE WA – Roasted Almonds with Espelette Pepper, Fried Oysters with Cilantro Aioli, Anchovy Tartine with Avacado, Butter Clam Tartare, Chicken Liver Mousse, Smoked Trout with Pickled Onion, Grilled Togiak Herring with Bulgar, Artichoke and Cucumber,

THE FOOD MUSEUM SPECIAL EXCHBITS — 28 Very special exhibits on some amazing topics, from History of Fasting to Mother’s Milk.

BOTSWANA DINING – Take a look at some intriguing dining and sipping venus at the Chobe Safari Lodge in Africa’s Botswana.

FULL QUIVER FARM – As the name implies: free-roaming birds, country-raised pigs, grass-fed cattle, raw milk shares and organic veggies in Suffock, VA.

NEW YORK SAVORY SOJOURNS – Twenty different and interesting culinary and cultural tours around New York City, also wonderful photos.

ELEPHANT RESTAURANT, BRASSERIE MENU, DEVON UK – Woodruff and Lime Marinated Mackerel, Paignton Crab with Spaghetti, Chili and Coriander, Beetroot cooked in Elderflower, Fillet of Turbot with Pickled Lemon and Olives, Wing of Blonde Ray, Orange Pannacotta,

SAKE ONE – The new face of Oregon Craft Sake – Lots of action including Saketini, G-Sling and Jasmine Kiss recipes.HAPPY FOOD AS HAPPY FOOD – Real food takes on personality. Create some yourself, give it a name, then submit it!

GASTRONOMISTA – “The Belly Rules the Mind,” and “Don’t mind the Belly.” Whimsey rules this creative blog. “Eat like a girl,” they declare.

CHINESE RECIPES – This site has recipes for some favorite Chinese restaurant dishes – Almond Fried Rice, Kung Poa Beef, Benihana Sesame Chicken, P. F. Chang’s Popcorn Shrimp, Potstickers, Steamed Sponge Cake, dozens more.

ELOTE CAFE, SEDONA, ARIZONA – Short Rib Tamal, Chorizo Verde Fundido, Elote, Chile Verde Snapper, Halibut en Mole Verde, Smoked Pork Cheeks, Lamb Adobo,

FOODILY – Recipes to share with friends: Search by dish, nutrition, ingredients, food sites, special diet, low-fat, sweets and more.

PEGGY’S ANTIQUATED RECIPES –Wander through the twenties through the eighties, also White Trash Cookery.

FARRO RECIPES – Farro is an old grain, newly popular, which you cook with other foods. Here are some recipes.

ART OF TEA, TEAWARES AND ACCESSORIES – Shop for teas and tea paraphanalia, matcha bowls and whisks, tea sets and more.

GOTHAM BAR AND GRILL, NEW YORK CITY – Quail and Foie Gras Terrine, Thai Spiced Maine Lobster, Miso Marinated Black Cod, Roasted Muscovy Duck, Vadouvan Spiced Free Range Chicken,

FOODSUBS, FOOD SUBSTITUTIONS – This is the original Food Thesaurus site, now includes grains, baked goods, legumes, baking supplies, accompaniments and more.

RECIPE VIDEO FOR PORK BELLY — – From Lum Kum Kee Kitchen, including what’s hot: Braised Pork Belly in Sweet Soy Sauce, also 150 other videos.

MONTEREY SEAFOOD WATCH – Worth repeating, from Abalone to Yellowtail, see pictures of each and great descriptions, marketing names, where caught, how raised.

SPANISH HAMS –, “Dedicated to the fine art of ham,”Jamon Iberico,Jamon Serrano and more prides of Spain

PRUDENCE UNCORKED, SALEM, OREGON – Ever So Crabbaioli, Gorgeous Garbonzo, Swordfish & Tampanade, Our Fig-n-Duck, Smoky Blue Filet, Freshly Minted Steelhead, Penne Pasta on the Wild Side,

FOOD BACKWARDS! – Food Backwards is “Doof,” multi-media, entertainment, education and live events teaching kids the amazing journey of food from source to table. Fun site!

WHOLEFOODS AS OPERA – (video) Courtesy Washington National Opera, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, WNO’s Domingo-Cofritz Young Artists, March 10, Baltimore MD.

HOME OF KOMBUCHA TEA – Learn the culture of the Kombucha culture, mysterious and healthful.

SORBIE DAIRY FARM IN SCOTLAND – “Cow to door in 24.” Scottish haste and purity delivered, yet everything is traditional and a pure, three-generation success.

SOLSTICE AT STOWE MOUNTAIN LODGE, VERMONT — Apple, Walnut, Cranberry and Cheddar, Maine Mussels with Red Curry, Lime and Coconut Milk, Seared New England Cod with Chowder Sauce, Newfoundland Steel Head Trout with Romanesco Sauce, Truffled Mac & Cheese with Chive and Lobster,

ELEPHANT EARS FROM ALL RECIPES – Few get to enjoy Elephant Ears at home. Whip up a bunch and pass ‘em out.

ALIBABA IN CHINA ON SNACK FOOD – Interesting Smoked squid rings, Kosher wasabi peas, Snowwhite pumpkin seeds, Dried chestnut kernel and much more. (minimum orders in the tons).

JONES DAIRY FARM — For six generations, the Milo Jones family has continued to operate the original farm and distribute Milo’s famous recipe.

SWEET TEMPTATIONS CUPCAKES, – ( Best delivery cupcakery in Virginia Beach. 30 cake flavors/25 icing flavors/regular, gluten-free, lactose-free or vegan.

THE HAND AND FLOWERS, MARLOW, MAIDENHEAD, UK– Parsley Soup with Smoked Eel, Parfait of Duck and Foie Gras with Orange Chutney, Cornish Cod with Artichoke Puree, Blanquette of English Rose Veal, Mushroom Fritters and Roast Marrow,

GRILLED CHEESE ACADEMY – This is a very classy food site. Enjoy the upscale sandwich slide show. Yes, you will!



GRUB STREET’S “PASTA PORN” SLIDESHOW – Contrary to what they call it, their “101 of America’s Most Delicious Noodle Dishes” is a family watch.

FOOD MUSEUM INDEX – Some websites are worth routine revisiting. This is a smorgasboard for any foodie.

THE GLOBAL FOODIE – A foodie all her life, with great Peace Corps travel behind her, Lee Summerall, finally has a chance to shed some light on it for all of us.

IGGY’S, SINGAPORE – Pea Flan with Parmesan, Gnocchi with Fava Beans, Iberico Ham and Walnuts, Gemfish with Perilla Pesto, Carrot and White Asparagus, Suckling Pig with Tanba Black Beans and Kailan, Rhubarb with Salted Sable, Vanilla beans and Blood Orange

LONELY PLANET’S “BLOGS WE LIKE” – This time it’s: Street Food in Bangkok – How to take full advantage of their endless supply.

LIBYAN FOODS – “Food creep” always happens when nations engage in conflict. Find some fascinating foods and pictures from a land which believes, “Your diet is your medicine.”

PEANUT ALLERGY BRACELETS – Find many styles for alerting others of your special needs. Also bracelets for a wide variety of alerts.

FRESH HEALTHY VENDING MACHINES – Sometimes your only choice is to use one. These people are out to get you better choices of foods in them.

REID’S PALACE DINING ROOM, FUNCHAL, MADEIRA, PORTUGAL – Cream of Chicken Soup with Avocado, Marbre of Duck Liver with Pumpkin Chutney, Sea Bass Escalope on Fennel with Olive Pulp, Oriental Egg Noodles with Seafood, Vegetable Steak Pakoras,

196 SPAGHETTI CARBONERA RECIPES FROM COOKS.COM – Carbonera is different, because it calls for eggs and you don’t want to scramble them. Delicious!

SOUTHERN FOOD BEVERAGE MUSEUM EVENTS – Celebrate World Cocktail Week, Barbecue Nation Exhibit, DC Roundtable Series, Nitty Grits, Okra Magazine and more

LAPTOP LUNCHES – Rethink your lunch. Find menus, recipes and photos. Learn about bento living.

FORAGE SAN FRANCISCO – They seem to have a lot of fun with their Wild Food Walks and Wild Seafood. Live far away, start your own foraging group.

YATS RESTAURANT, NEAR MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Pan-Fried Duck Liver Forestiere, Baked Pumpkin and Crab Gnocchi, Pan-Fried Barracuda, Pan-Seared Palawan Jumbo Tiger, Char-Grilled Australian Wagyu Beef, Pan-Seared Australian Kangaroo Loin, Frangelico Pannacotta,

INSATIABLE-CRITIC – Grael Greene — Home of the Short Order Archive, Bite my Journal, Ask Grael, magazine articles, recipes, photos and favorites.

HONEST FOODHunter, Angler, Gardner, Cook: Finding the Forgotten Feast, is Hank Shaw’s book about taming the wild. Recipes, too.

THEY DRAW AND COOK – Just what the name says. This is a very innovative, colorful site. Drawings and comments from around the world.

ROLAND FOODS – Have you tried Kaniwa (ka-nyi-wa), an ancient, staple grain rooted in the Aztec and Incan cultures? See many more products and recipes.

SEASONS 52 RESTAURANTS ACROSS THE U.S. – Flatbreads, Edamame with Japanese Green Tea Salt, Sonoma Goat Cheese Ravioli, BBQ Chicken Salad, Maui Tuna Crunch Salad, Grilled Rainbow Trout, Caramelized Sea Scallops, Roasted Artichoke-Stuffed Shrimp,

JAPANESE SAKE-STEAMED WHOLE CHICKEN RECIPE – This and many more recipes from The Japanese Food Report. Stories, too.

ALL RECIPES’ SPRING STRAWBERRIES RECIPES – Strawberry-rhubarb pies, strawberry salads, chocolate-covered strawberries, jams, salsas and more.

RESTAURANT DIRECTORY, CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA – this site is a great glimpse into dining in South Africa. They invite your comment

MELBURY & APPLETON DELICATESSEN & GROCER – in London, 1300 grocery items for order from ethnic to bakery, biscuits, cakes, cheese and special diet items.

MOMOFUKU, NEW YORK CITY – Oyster Buns, Brisket Ramen, Sliced Fluke, Duck Salad, Charred Octopus, Pork Belly Bowl with Poached Egg, Chilled Noodles with Spiced Sausage, Spinach and Cashews.

COOKING UP A STORY – See interesting videos which are stories of a wide variety of foods. Healthy and inspiring.

ALL ABOUT PICKING YOUR OWN RASPBERRIES – Locate a nearby farm, get raspberry facts, find festivals, also get canning & freezing help and recipes.

MONTEREY WINES – Home of 42 varietals. Visit the winery, see the Thermal rainbow, take the trail, discover events and get in on plenty of experiences.

THE ALTA HOTEL, NEAR SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA – Salmon Tartar, Mediterranean Meze Plate, Shrimp, Avocado Cocktail w/Wasabi-Soy Cream Sauce, Feta Cheese Tart, Fried Camembert Cheese, Cajun Corn-Fried Calamari, Salmon in Port Wine Sauce, Sea Bass in Saffron Sauce, Fiery Garlic Shrimp, Mocha Pudding in Cappuccino, Three Milks Dessert,

NEW YORK’S ROGER SMITH HOTEL EDIBLE EVENTS – The RS is a “happenin’ place.” Many learning opportunities especially for food enthisiasts. Learn about their Edible Series, get the newsletter and meet the hotel mascot.

WRAP YOUR HEAD AROUND ESL PARTYLAND – “A fun placed to learn English as your second language and learn more about cooking, too!”

CRAFT BEER – Find featured breweries, beer recipes, study beerology and meet the beer muses, also beer events.

JOYFUL IN THE KITCHEN GARDEN, PART II, BUDGET EXPERIMENT – Okay, the 30 days is over, and here’s a log of everything eaten.

SINGH’S ROTI SHOP, NEW YORK CITY – Besides Curry, Fried Rice, LoMein and West Indian Chinese Food, find Geera Pork, Black Pudding, Pepper Shrimp, Fried Bangamary, Salt Fish, Aloo Pie, Phlourie, Saheena, Dhal Puri, Parata and Sada Roti.

OPEN SOURCE FOOD – “Cook tonight using ingredients you already have.” Download Tastebud on IPhone now! Enter keywords, find recipe.

FOODS OF GREENLAND – Read about their simple dishes, their provisions and about food in the fells.

THE NEW SOO-FOO – A gourmet blend of brown rice, grains and lentils. Learn all about it, also find recipes.

DIRECTORY OF RESTAURANTS IN LONDON – Search both cuisine or location in London and all over the UK, yes also Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Book a reservation on this site, as well.

RESTAURANT PATRICK GUILBAUD, DUBLIN, IRELAND – Croquettes of Suckling Pig, Salad of Smoked Eel, Red King Crab Canelloni, King Scallops “A la Plancha,” Annagassan Bluye Lobster, Atlantic Cod “demi Sel,” Slow-Braised Cheek of Milkfed Veal, Fillet of Irish Beef and Roast Foie Gras, Madeira and Truffle Jus

THE BARMAID DRINK RIMMER BY LIME TREE COVE — Simply press button while traveling around the rim. Also Cocktail Kits and more.

MOBILE CRAVINGS DIRECTORY – Food trucks are catching on in a big way, gourmet food on wheels, the web tells you where. Find what’s near you.

SAVEUR MAGAZINE ON SPRING LETTUCES – Featuring 14 Spring Lettuce Recipes, from Cerviche and Panzanella, Mixed Greens, Canlis Salad and to an interesting Bacon, Plum and Blue Cheese Salad,

MY COMMUNAL TABLE – Some interesting recipes: Aunt Mariah’s Lemon Sponge Cups, Spinach Spaghetti with Gruyere Cheese Sauce.

BRASSIERIE BELGE – Lobster Croquettes, Chevre Salad of Goat Cheese in Puff Pastry, Frites Mayonnaise, Cassolette de Moules, Brioche au Champignons, Hoegarrden Draught Beer,

GROWING CARROTS – There are many varieties of this carotene-rich vegetable, recipes and more

WYOMING’S BIG SKULL BUFFALO RANCH – Buffalo meat, buffalo products also buffalo nutrition and cooking tips.

BUZZLE DISUSSES BLENDERS VS. FOOD PROCESSORS – It really depends upon what types of foods you prepare more often. However, this site will show you facts you might not have considered.

PITTSBURGH PUBLIC MARKET – Pittsburg has recently been named a desirable place to life, find a list of their interesting merchants selling all types of their goodness from their earth.

STONELEIGH HOTEL, BOLLA RESTAURANT, DALLAS TX – Beef Tartare with Guajillo Chiles, Baby Arugula with Prairie Breeze Cheese, Artichoke Ravioli, Wolf Street Chicken & Waffle, Tortilla-Crusted Red Snapper, Roaring 40s Bleu Crusted Tenderloin,

FOOD HISTORY NEWS’ INTERNATIONAL FOOD MUSEUM DIRECTORY – Worth repeating from time to time as the scene changes. This is not only food events but beverages and containers/utensils. Search their comprehensive directory.

WIKIPEDIA ON LACTO-INTOLERANCE IN THE WORLD — Only in the U.S and northern Europe is milk well digested. Canada, Northern Europe and Australia are moderately intolerant. Everywhere else milk is not well-tolerated. See the map.

EPICURIOUS’ GLOBAL RECIPES – Breakfast Burritos, Broiled Crawfish, Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya, Lemongrass Bars with Coconut Shortbread

FROSTS FISH MONGERS WHELKS AND CLAMS – Click on the fish icons and learn a lot about some seafood and fish not popular in your area.

KNOCKINAAM LODGE, GALLOWAY, SCOTLAND – Knockinaam Celeriac, Parsley and Truffle Soup, Roast Cannon of Galloway Lamb, Cappuccino of Butterbean and Parsley with White truffle Oil, Roast Paupiette of Free Range Chicken with Basil Mousse, Grilled Fillet of Salted Cod, Warm Gooey Chocolate Pudding with Cherries and Caramel

HEART OF THE DESERT PISTACHIOS – Pistachio nutrition, the pistachio tree, pistachio rose wine, art gallery, recipes, farm tour in Alamogordo, NM.

WEST VIRGINIA POPULAR RECIPES – From Allrecipes, Perfect Fried Chicken, Gumbo, Tasso Ham, Cheese Corn Spoon Bread, Apple Butter Bars and more.

THE JAMAICA DUTCHY – Bringing exciting Jamaican food to New York City. Sweet & Sour Chicken, Pigeon Peas Soup, Cow Foot, Goat Soup, Escovitch Chicken

JAPANESE CUISINE – Learn more about Domburimono, Tempura, Sukiyaki, Shabu- Shabu, Okonomiyaki, Yakitori, Katsudon and more.

HISTORIC TREMPEALEAU HOTEL, TREMPEALEAU, WISCONSIN – Walnut Balls, Max’s Crawfish Cakes, Sesame-Seared Ahi Tuna, Garlic-Oregano Chicken, Spinach & Walnut Lasagna, Walnut Burgers, Canadian Walleye,

3-CRABS ASIAN FISH SAUCE – Aka nuoc mam is the most important seasoning in Vietnamese Cooking. Many inferior brands are named “fewer or more crabs.” 3 Crabs considered nicely balanced between savory (unami) and sweet.

THE MOST UNUSUAL RESTAURANTS IN THE WORLD – This is an amazing site. A whole lot of worldwide restaurant research has gone into making it possible.

RECIPE FOR IRISH BEEF STEW – Delicious with Guinness beer, fine red wine and everything it takes for a very memorable Irish stew.

THE CARROT MUSEUM – This is one of those wonderful museums you can take in, totally, from the comfort of your computer. Do you know how many colors of carrots there are?

BELGA QUEEN RESTAURANT, BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – Rabbit “Rilettes” perfumed with Goose Fat, Duck Trilogy – Terrine, Smoked Duck Liver & Pan-fried Duck Liver, Baked Lobster with Birds Beak Peppers, Lemon and Olive Oil, Royal Cod on Leek Stoemp, Maltsauce, Spinach, Crusty Chiffonade of Dried Ham, Oven Roasted Cuckoo from Malines on Gingerbread with Pear Syrup

SNOW TREATS – Edible Glaciers, Snow “Slush Cones,” Snow “Ice Cream,” plus some snow science, snow activities, snow are and snow links.

???? WONDERFUL LIST OF WORLDWIDE STREET FOOD BY WIKIPEDIA – There’s an exciting street food trend growing thanks to Twitter and other social media. This wonderful entry tells of Ghana’s street breakfasts, Ethiopia’s Tibs Wat, Morocco’s Mergue and Snails, China’s Jian Bing, Hong Kong’s Curry Fish Balls, India’s Pani Puri, Thattu Dosa and more.

HERBALGRAM ORGANIZATION – The latest news from the American Botanical Council, their library, programs, support and related links.

FLAVOR & THE MENU – Learn more about food trends in menu development and menu planning, archives, features and a blog.

HOTEL BEAU RIVAGE PALACE, LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Gratineed Oysters with Champagne Zabaglione, Pan-Fried Duck Foie Gras, Fish Soup, Rouille with Sea Urchin Coral, Clam Chowder with Smoked Tuna Shavings, Risotto with Langoustines with Black Truffle Cream, Scallop Satay with Pak Bung, Peanut and Ginger Sauce

GOAT CHEESE RECIPES – From Epicurean, goat cheese recipes, articles and great ways to enjoy!

BLACK MOON JAPANESE FOOD CULTURE – Nihon-Ryori Japanese Cooking. Very interesting site with 16 categories of recipes for local cooking.

QUAKER OATS’ NEW PRODUCT – Now Quaker produces steel cut oats – cut, not rolled — “heartier, richer, nuttier, 100% natural and sodium-free.”

OLD COOKERY BOOKS – by W. Carew Hazlitt, interesting contents: Early Englishman and his Food, Royal Feasts and Savage Pomp and more. Site includes lengthy selections.

SUSHINOBO IN VININGS, SMYRNA GA – Dynamite Roll, Hatching Egg Roll, Jalapenoi Roll, Tripple Fried Fish Roll, Sushi Boat for Two, Lobster Lover, Flounder Carpaccio, Giant Clam (Mirugai), Alaskan Don

STEMILT FRUIT’S GRANNY SMITH APPLES – Apples “The Original Superfood.” Read about their origins in Australia in 1868.

THE NIBBLE’S WONDERFUL COLLECTION OF FOOD GLOSSARIES – Crash courses in Tasty Topics” – Caviar, Chile Peppers, Beef, Beer – there’s scores of them!

CORKSCREW CENTRAL – See their Collectors’ Club, Latest Headlines, Antique Corkscrew Maintenance, Sign up for their newsletter.

CARIBBEAN CHOICE RECIPES – If you’re into the Caribbean culture, especially the food, this site’s for you.

CARBONERA TRATTORIA, SAN CLEMENTE CA – Oysters Carbonara, Farfalle Tutto Sole, Capellini Misto Mare, Risotto Toscano, Vitello Casa, Agnello Mentoso, Bistecca Gorgonzola, Pollo Casalinga, Florentine Cup a.k.a. “love cup.”

ORGANICFACTS’ HEALTH BENEFITS OF COCONUT OIL – Impoves “hair, skin, stress relief, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, bone strength and more.”

CHOCOLATE TRADING COMPANY MAGAZINE – If you take your chocolate seriously, take this magazine and this site seriously. Simply the best.

??? WEBMD’S SLIDESHOW OF FOODS THAT CAN WRECK YOUR DIET – 23 of them including Caesar Salad, Smoothies, Enhanced Water, Turkey Hot Dogs, Low-Fat Yogurt, THEN it launches into the major fast food restaurants’ worst, then best, sandwiches to eat when you’re dieting.

EHOW ON HOW TO PUT A FANCY EDGE ON A PIE CRUST – They look great, and they’re not too difficult to make.

IL PALAZZETTO RESTAURANT IN ROME’S FAMED HASSLER ROMA HOTEL – Beef Tartare with Quail Eggs, Red Turnips and Pantelleria Capers, Lemon Risotto with Lamb Ragout and Chilli Pepper, Braised Pork Belly with Spinach and Aubergines, Extra Virgin Oil Biscuit with Hazelnuts, Coffee Ice Cream and Persimmons Mousse

MARK BITTMAN’S PERSONAL WEBSITE – You’ve got to love Mark Bittman for his simplicity, practicality and overall genius. If you like just a few ingredients and a surprisingly pleasing result, Mark’s your own personal chef.

WHAT’S NEW IN HISTORICAL FOODWAYS? – Colonial Williamsburg shares history and recipes for your learning pleasure.

RUNGIS, WORLD’S LARGEST WHOLESALE MARKET – A virtual visit to the very distinguished, exclusive, truly unique, marketplace working from midnight to daylight not far from Paris’ Eiffel Tower. Photography is fabulous

.POOR MAN’S FEAST – This well-rounded site takes you on interviews, shares books and blogs, takes you to breakfast with fascinating individuals and much more.

FOUR SEASONS, MALDIVES AT LANDAA GIRAAVARU, ASIA – Seared Scalllops with Pancetta Ham, Catalana-Style Lobster Salad, Seared Tuna Loin with Sweet & Sour Vegetables, Carnaroli Risotto with Pumpkin, Stewed Mushrooms and Pistachio Sprinkles, Sweet Corn Cake with Port Wine Mousse and Pistachio Tulip

FOOD MUSEUM DIRECTORY – New and more fun: Feast or Famine/DoubleTragedy, Making Crepes Then and Now and lots more exhibits. This is a great site where old and young people can learn interesting things together.

PIPERADE SAUCE – A condiment created in the Basque region of Spain. With tomatoes, peppers, onions and garlic, it makes favorite dishes special.

ALASKA FISH TACO – Crab & Zucchini Quesadillas, Fish Tacos with Chipotle Honey Salsa, Grilled Cod Tacos, Halibut Tacos with Cucumber Citrus and more.

WOK ME – Asian cooking made easy. Find ingredients and recipes for all the Asian cuisines. Join the mailing list.

GARDENS RESTAURANT, BROOKLYN NY – Baked Clams, Mozzarella in Corrozza, Rice Ball Parmigiana, Chicken Ludovico, Veal Francese in Lemon, Shrimp Francese, Spaghetti with Pignoli Nuts & Sun-Dried Tomatoes

HISTORICAL COOKING RE-ENACTED IN COSTUME – See many feasts acted out – the Prehistorics, the Vikings, the Normans, the Tudors, the Victorians all of them from 150,000 BC to Postwar 1985.

MACARONI AND CHEESE — Recipes for microwave, stove top, oven, crockpot even fried. Also mac and cheese history.

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