PLATE REPLACES PYRAMID: “Tastes Great” is no Indicator your Body Likes it!
Marty Martindale


“Your diet is your medicine.” a North African proverb

It is good they replaced the old food pyramid. It was conceptually difficult for many to apply a “triangle with layers” to a round dinner plate for better looks and health. The object of it was to fill yourself each day with foods from the lower-decks of the pyramic. However, the new Plate Chart is more straight-forward. It’s far easier to fill in the circles.

No food pyramid or new Plate Chart is going to help you, or be worth your attention, unless you believe with all your heart that what you eat has a direct influence on how you feel, how you look and how you act. People with the greatest advantage are those who were raised by parents who were also taught pyramid beliefs. However, not all of us were so fortunate.

Looks are directly affected by careful food choices. Obesity is only the tip of your iceberg. You are also laying up “treasures” for your healthier old age. More immediate results are better skin tone, healthier looking nails, more vibrant hair, clearer eyes, better body odor, more energy and an overall greater feeling of well-being.

Your body is far smarter than your head. It is living proof of how you fell for or avoided certain food choices. Your body also has some strong evidence factors to back it up – blood test results, mirrors which don’t lie and weight scales.


A lot of people don’t feel the U.S. government should have a say in the way Americans eat. However, as a population we have proven we have done a very poor job of keeping the majority of us thin. CHOOSE MY PLATE (DOT) GOV is a very useful website with tools which gives people of all ages a simple way to understand good nutrition. If you have a problem with categorizing foods, they have a search you can use. For instance, you will learn quickly that PROTEIN is largely meat, poultry, fish or beans. GRAINS are easy to identify after you look at the grain link.  The FRUITS and VEGETABLE circles are self-explanatory.

Take the time to learn the new Plate Chart, then your kids can learn it from you, not the hard way, for a better life.

Marty Martindale

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