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Yes, even at the high cost of higher education these days, there are a whole lot of scholars who delight in spending great amounts of time sifting through dried feces in order to learn the types of foods available to generations living many years ago. They also delight in digging up old city dumps in search of more information on the lives, medical practices and ways of peoples long past.

Anthropologists’ involvement in the legal process, as forensic anthropologists goes back only a hundred years. Their intricate knowledge of the origins and behaviors of man as well as his social, cultural and physical development over time now serve criminal investigation as well as history and preservation of a much earlier time.

Here is a well-written article from the UK’s Daily Mail which Nick Pisa titled:  Sea urchins, dormice and figs: Romans’ rich diet revealed after archaeologists sift through tons of 2,000-year-old excrement. In it, he displays interesting pictures and describes this exciting and valuable undertaking.




Marty Martindale

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