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We started Menu Sampling, originally calling it Menu Gazing, several years back for Menu Sampling mustardseveral reasons.

Even if you are not sitting in a restaurant, ready to order, we find looking at  worldwide menus is interesting from the standpoint of:  “What do people in a faraway land feel is special food, special enough to order in their a restaurants?”

By learning what people prize in cultures different from our own, we grow. It also gives us a good handle on their country’s geography. Do they live near the water? What grows well in their soil? Is game on the menu? Are they serving much ethnic food? Appetizers, or starters, are an indication of what they feel is special. Sides tend to reflect local comfort foods.

For instance:  (and this is just a few regions of our world samplings.)

In Lagos, Nigeria, Africa, the Shamrock Rose serves an interesting Fish Pepper Soup, also Goat Ribs, while La Petite Ferme in South Africa makes a Smoked Salmon Cheese cake. Also in South Africa, they prepare an interesting local fish called Kingklip. In Senegal people order Chicken or Fish Yassa and Mafe Lamb.

Down under in Australia, The Lunico Trattoria in Cairns, specializes in  Tasmanian Oysters, or their Bay Scallops with Orange and Chili Syrup. Nearby New Zealand, at the Wai Waterfront you get a chance to order Scallops in Almond Milk, Rabbit and Duck Terrine or Wahoo Carpaccio. The Marque Restaurant  features Galician Style Bay Octapus and Cape Grim Scotch Fillet.

Over in the Middle  East and India, the Orient Express Hotel in Burma serves Gourd Tempura, Sweetcorn and Shitake Blinis and Towers of Crayfish. Hansas Vegetarian Restaurant  in Gujarati presents their Spice Bomb, Maag-ni-Daal, Phoebe’s Delight and Shrikhand. You can order Brain Fry at Kovai Kongunaadu, Triplicane, Chennai.

Around the Mediterranean, The Il Palazzetto in Rome serves Eel Foie Gras as well as Appricot Soup, while the Royal Café in Lisbon offers Lagareiro Octapus, also Peanutbutter Ice Cream.

Leave it to the United Kingdom and the Waterfont Restaurant in Douglas on Isle of Man to serve White Crab Chowder and Queenies sautéed in Garlic with Bacon Lardons. At the Boar’s Head in North Yorkshire, they will welcome you with Saute of Wood Pi or Poached Guinea Fowl Supreme. London’s Hereford Restaurant serves Roast Belly of Blythburgh Pork, Courgettes and Peashoots. Scotland’s  Ballachulish Hotel proudly serves Black Pudding & Apple. Fritters or, maybe choose the Loin of Venison finished with fine Scottish Cheeses.

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