GREENLAND: We know you’re out there.
Marty Martindale

Yet we know so little about you. You are a huge island on our Google Analytics map, we never see an indication of visitors from there and we’re curious about you.

We do know you have internet there, for your 4-star Hotel Hans Egede in Nuuk has a Restaurant Sarfalik which displays its dining menu on the web featuring:

Prawns and Scallops with Carrot Puree, Compressed Melon

Fresh Lumpfish Roe on Yoghurt/Dill Jelly and Red Onion Siphon

Chestnut Bisque with Smoked Seal

Salted Codfish on Brown Butter Emulsion

Butter-Poached Salmon with Saffron Broiled Fennel on Crab/Radish Lettuce

RazorBill with Val Mousselin

Filed of Raindeer with Green Pea Terrin

From the same internet, we also know you have 57,000 inhabitants, and your landmass is three times the size of Texas and larger than the whole country of Mexico.

We also understand your agricultural center is experimenting with growing strawberries, lettuce, turnips, broccoli, snow peas, rhubarb and cauliflower on the south side of your island. The abundant sea around you already provides you with delicious mussels, shrimp, capelin, halibut, redfish, deepwater redfish, char and lumpfish.

We’d like to know you better.

Marty Martindale

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