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It’s time for another visit with one of our favorite food people. This time Mark’s demonstrating his Fazzoletti, or rectangular pasta, which he demonstrated recently in a New York Times’ video.

Bittman also refers to it as Pasta in the Rough. It’s a rich  and yummy pasta with a fine egg-to-flour ratio. Actually he shapes it into rectangles, no tricky curls or designer shapes. His rectangles measure approximately three-inches by five inches, and he achieves these by merely cutting off the rounded sides of his rolled out dough.

I had done nicely without giving up counter space to a food processor, but his video sold me on getting another one when I saw how easily he made the pasta dough. Like him, I did not go for a pasta machine. He even said you can roll the rested dough with a wine bottle. It does have most of the rolling pin characteristics.

The “is it done?” thing is only to make sure the eggs are cooked, and the pasta cooked quickly. Very soon the oblongs, the Fazzoletti, he even called them “Handerkerchiefs” at times, were being draped casually into a lazy “crumple” onto the plate. He called it  “a nice little elegant pile.” He topped his steaming homemade pasta with a Chunky Pesto he made.

Eat right away and enjoy this wonderful, easy creation!

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Marty Martindale

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