2500 RECIPES: Everyday to Extraordinary
Marty Martindale

By Andrew Schloss with Ken Bookman

This is a great book to consider giving to those just starting to keep house, for it’s many cookbooks in one. First, it teaches basic techniques (Schloss terms it The Toolbox), tools and tips for making marinades, sauces and dressings, even explains small appliances one might want to acquire for their kitchen. Next, it covers 36 categories of food and gives 50 different recipes for each category. Some of these categories, or really many cookbooks, as mentioned earlier are: Snack Plates, Sandwiches, Stir-Frying, Soups, Chili, Pizza, Rosas Whole Chickens, Meatless Dishes, Summer Fruit, Breakfast, Cookies, Drinks and a whole lot more. In addition, Schloss includes his “Special Occasions” section covering topics such as Entertaining, Romantic Recipes, Health Food, Homemade Gifts and more.

“Mark our Words:” states Schloss, “a couple of years from now, this book will bear the scars — dog-eared pages, marginal notes, food stains,” and more. He’s probably quite correct about this.

Below are some examples of wide varieties of recipes in their category:

Hot Pepper Pecans, Eggplant Bruschetta, Bagna Caoda, Smoked Salmon Mousse

Chili Grilled Lobster, Lamb and Leek Kebabs, Grilled Chile Shrimp, Grilled Potato Chips

Gingered Mango Soup, Tomato Dill Salsa, Three-Can Salad, Mexican Cerviche

Feta and Artichoke Sauce, Tomato Sauce with Tequila and Cream, Quick Meat Sauce, Smoked Salmon, Caviar and Cream Sauce

Wild Mushroom Sausage Patties, Ham and Cheddar Meatloaf, Apple and Bacon Turkey Loaf, Turkey Fennel Potstickers, (also dipping sauce for Potstickers)

Curried Grouper Chowder, Salmon Cerviche, Escabeche of Sole, Grilled Tuna and Roasted Papper Salad

Rub Salad, Spinach Pilaf, Chard with Chorizo, Kale with Sausage and Apple

Gorgonzola Gratin, Mashed Potatoes with Yogurt and Herbs, Buffalo Fries, Creamed Parsnips

Anise Tea Eggs, Blue Cheese Grapes, Eight-Hour Brandy Cheese Cake, Pepper Peanut Shrimp

LOW-CALORIE RECIPES:Flounder and Salmon Steamed in Romaine, Artichoke Ratatouille, Venison in Mustard  Cruise, Mussels in Tomato over Orzo

Brown Sugar Pecan Muffins, Currant Carrot Muffins, Lemon Yogurt Muffins, Walnut Fig Sinkers

How did Schloss arrive at 2500 recipes? Simply, he has included easy-to-follow recipes, 50 categories of food, 50 recipes in each. Best of all, none have very long lists of ingredients. This is a whole lot of cookbook in one  volume only one-and-one-half inches thick!

Marty Martindale

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