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Beer Jelly – Beer Jam, Basic or Your Way
Marty Martindale

Beer jelly is fun, it’s sweet, it’s savory, it jiggles, it contrasts, it complements, it surprises, it glazes, it dresses and it borrows craft genius from some amazing brewers. No buzz, tho.

Also called beer jam, beer is usually one of only four ingredients: beer, sugar, pectin and lemon. The buzz may be gone, but the delicacy intended by its brewers comes through nicely – a purist’s joy of joys.

Food Republic in an article titled “Spreadable Beer Jelly Could Be The Next Big Thing,” Tiffany Do states,”Potlicker Kitchen makes a slew of different varieties of the stuff, including Black India Pale Ale, Hefeweizen with Orange, Oatmeal Stout and something called the Heady Jelly made with Alchemist Brewery’s Heady Topper. Each jar is made with a different beer and includes a suggested food pairing. We’re already thinking about trying out the Apricot Ale with some bacon sticky buns.”

For those who care to elaborate on “perfection,” they contrive savory concoctions by adding tomato, brown sugar, balsamic vinegar, shallots, Parmesan cheese grated, rosemary, olive oil or something you choose. For sweet experimentation some add vanilla bean, lemon, star anise, sugar, allspice, cloves, orange zest, or again, you think create! Continue reading

Brown Butter (on purpose!)
Marty Martindale


You have made, or many times almost made, unintentionally, France’s revered, warm gourmet sauce, Beurre Noisette, or brown butter as we call it in this country.

Serious brown butter is an art and one you can make on purpose to achieve a nutty, near-caramel, toasted, almost hazelnut-like flavored butter with countless uses. It is the careful cooking of unsalted butter just long enough to cook away the water found there, then medium-toasting the butter’s milk solids, which makes your highly-sought-after, delicious brown butter sauce.

There are three popular ways to process butter for different cooking needs. All butter is composed of fat, milk solids and water. The Indian culture uses a lot of Ghee-processed butter, and clarified butter is used frequently for seafood sauces by all cultures. These processes separate the water from the butter then strain the milk solids away from the butter. They are usually made in larger batches than brown butter.

How to make BROWN BUTTER
Total time about 5 to 7 minutes.

• 2 sticks (1/2 pound) unsalted butter cut into uniform, smaller chunks

• Choose a stainless-steel skillet or saucepan to show contrast between browning milk solids and the pan bottom. Continue reading

Bento Box Joy
Marty Martindale

You are all gussied up. You look great. It’s even a fine hair day. Grab that lunch and get going. It’s so crushed, even recent spots on the bag. Oh well.

Ditch that sack. Get a bento box!

A bento box, these days, is an update on a plain lunch box. And, it looks better, makes you look better and is a better way to do lunch. Bentos have a floorplan with separate compartments allowing you to take more interesting leftovers, doggie bag contents or a refrigerator raid concoction. There’s also separated places for snacks, veggies, dips or little salads. Maybe even something for the commute.

Never underestimate the great, great taste of almost anything when you are away from all food sources and you’re feeling true hunger. This is when a carefully-packed bento contains true happiness.

Remember when mom used to say, “This will taste better on the second day?” A leftover from the night before in your bento box
in its second day!

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Crema, a Mexican Staple
Marty Martindale

From time to time we see a product we don’t know about. This is a fun situation and a chance to try it in kitchen concoctions, read up about it and then write it up to share with you. 

Crema Mexican Table Cream sounds like it shows up on every Mexican dinner table every day. This is probably because it has a texture which is extremely smooth, and its flavor is on the sour side with a bit of saltiness. Its consistency is between sour cream and French crème fraiche. There’s also a slight buttery sweetness in this sauce-like cream. Some say, “It’s close to something like a liquid velvet, with a tang … adds a silky touch.”

It also has a tendency to tame the hotness and the spiciness of the dishes.   In other words, it’s a friend to those who need to tame hot foods.

Crema’s enhances savory as well as sweet foods. Continue reading

Recipe Goose Chase
Marty Martindale

What do you think of the buried recipes on many foodsites these days?

Are you a little annoyed at how deep into a site you must plow to get the recipe you need, usually when you’re in a hurry?

It seems after you find the name of the dish you asked for, you then have to go in further to find the titling again. Then you have to roll by all kinds of largest-possible pictures of the dish, still no recipe.

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