Malted Milk Powder in your Smoothie?

If you stopped by a soda fountain today, which you can hardly do anymore, you’d find hand-made Cokes, you’d have also seen a stand holding a container of Horlick’s Malt Powder. Now, these are all gone, except powdered malt which is now readily available in supermarkets near the cocoa and hot drink section.  

Malt starts as sprouted barley which is dried then ground into powder. It is combined with dried milk to become malted milk which goes on to be malt balls, Ovaltine, milkshakes and an important kitchen cooking ingredient. Malt’s flavor can be described as subtle, roasted and a bit nutty. When malt doesn’t become malted powder it goes on to be important in the making of beer, whiskey and malt vinegar. Continue reading

Foodsite Magazine Friday Picks

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  • Shredded Squid with Cashew Nuta
  • Frog with Squash and Fungus
  • Braised Goose Feet and Whole Abalone
  • Snails with Fish Sauce
  • Stir-Fried Pig’s Belly, Peppers, Broccoli
  • Cuttlefish with XO Sauce
  • Steamed, Sliced Conch
  • Sweet & Sour Flounder
  • Ox Tail with Pumpkin Casserole
  • Chow Style Water Spinach

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