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Foodsite Magazine Friday Picks

COOKING DETECTIVE   Discover 39 health benefits from eating garlic.   


  • Hamachi with Summer Peach & Yogurt
  • Foie Gras with Maple & Sweet Potato
  • Wooly Pig with Medjool Dates & Onions
  • Striped Bass with Fearrington Honey & Hen of the Woods
  • Lobster with Salsify & White Chocolate
  • Valrhona Cœur de Guanaja Chocolate Soufflé  (TO DIE FOR!!)

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Malted Milk Powder in your Smoothie?

If you stopped by a soda fountain today, which you can hardly do anymore, you’d find hand-made Cokes, you’d have also seen a stand holding a container of Horlick’s Malt Powder. Now, these are all gone, except powdered malt which is now readily available in supermarkets near the cocoa and hot drink section.  

Malt starts as sprouted barley which is dried then ground into powder. It is combined with dried milk to become malted milk which goes on to be malt balls, Ovaltine, milkshakes and an important kitchen cooking ingredient. Malt’s flavor can be described as subtle, roasted and a bit nutty. When malt doesn’t become malted powder it goes on to be important in the making of beer, whiskey and malt vinegar. Continue reading

Foodsite Magazine Friday Picks

GRILLED CHEESE ACADEMY  Find more grilled cheese recipe combinations than you will ever make!


  • Shredded Squid with Cashew Nuta
  • Frog with Squash and Fungus
  • Braised Goose Feet and Whole Abalone
  • Snails with Fish Sauce
  • Stir-Fried Pig’s Belly, Peppers, Broccoli
  • Cuttlefish with XO Sauce
  • Steamed, Sliced Conch
  • Sweet & Sour Flounder
  • Ox Tail with Pumpkin Casserole
  • Chow Style Water Spinach

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Hot Buttered Rum Revival!*


Hot Buttered Rum, the drink, like a cake, starts with a batter! 

Originally a get-well drink for sea-battered sailors, Hot Buttered Rum over the years has become a sociable beverage for skiers, skaters, hikers, ice fishermen, sleigh riders and any group looking for fun on a cold winter’s day or night. 

There is no hard, set recipe for Hot Buttered Rum except it contains at least a goodly amount of rum, melted butter and fragrant spices. Adjustments vary in sweetness, spiciness and creaminess. 

The hot toddy cocktails we know and love today have their roots in the old days, when druggists might have prescribed them for relief against the aches and pains the bitterly-cold winters brought. Butter has been used in hot drinks since the days of Henry VIII. After molasses began being imported to Colonial America from Jamaica, and distilleries opened in New England in the 1650s, colonists began adding distilled rum to hot recreational beverages such as toddies and nogs. Continue reading

Eggs, So-Smart, So Affordable

Eggs are wonderful! Pearly white or light saddle tan in color, hen’s eggs are one of the most valuableeggs
foods we can eat, cost-wise and nutritionally. Each is its own unit and very transportable. They’re also an excellent source of protein, vitamins D and B12. Eggs play many healthful roles in our bodies as an excellent source for dealing with brain function, muscle strength and weight management. It’s also a healthy food for pregnant moms.

Eggs even act like baking power or yeast when it comes to raising cakes. Purchase eggs in various sizes from small to jumbo. Store in their original carton, in the refrigerator for up to three weeks.

51h3relz9-l-_sx258_bo1204203200_PUT AN EGG ON IT:  70 DELICIOUS DISHES THAT DESERVE A SUNNY TOPPING is a new cookbook by Lara Ferroni. It will keep the hens and you busy not only with new twists on familiar egg dishes, but new recipes, as well. The book also features recipes from a variety of international cuisines incuding Mexican, Israeli, Greek, Spanish, Korean, Thai, Japanese and Italian. Below are three egg recipes, from three separate countries we never heard of, and they sound delicious: Continue reading

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