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Sage Advice, So Savory

If you are a fan of Bob Evans Sausage Gravy, chances are you are already a sage fan. The flavoring in the gravy comes from their Bob Evans Savory Sage Roll Sausagesage_ingredientMain

Another item for sage fans is Bell’s Dressing, a long-time favorite since 1867, and marketed by a guy named “Bell. It’s a “must” for a lot of people who purchase a familiar new, yellow, cardboard box every year at Thanksgiving for their turkey dressing. Bells is a delectable mixture of sage, ginger, marjoram, oregano and rosemary, a mixture which has endured since they were founded.  Continue reading

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EATING ROME: Living the Good Life in the Eternal City This is Elizabeth Helman  
 Minchilli’s delicious Rome eating guide for guidance or pure reminiscing. Recipes, too.


  • Honeysuckle Farm Oysters
  • Bison Tartare
  • Smokey Vineyard Chowder
  • Pork Cheek Bolognese
  • Mussels with Merguesa Lamb
  • Lobster with Black Polenta
  • Peking Duck with Risotto
  • Pineland Farms Strip Sirloin
  • Local Mushrooms


 PENNMAC See the Pennsylvania Macaroni Co.’s New, Revised Pasta of the Month Club.

CHOCOLEY Learn all the considerations needed to own and enjoy a chocolate fountain.

BABBLE Lettuce wraps are so handy and lo-cal. Find 15 ways to make delicious ones. 

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Radishes, Tangy, Peppery Accent

Radishes have always been big in Mexico. The Mexicans compete with one another inradish-7radish carving competitions, and face it, some thinly-sliced radishes, peppery and crunchy, on a fish taco are right up there with supurb! 

Here in the U.S., Martha Rose Schulman wrote that, “Salads Don’t Need Greens,” in the New York Times, and she suggested a salad of oranges, mint, pistachio nuts and red radishes.  Continue reading

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THE SPICE HOUSE Quality spices and recipes by course, ingredient, cuisine worldwide.

msgrayMenu Sampling DONA AMELIA RESTAURANT, FUNCHAL, MADEIRA (a delightful island.)

  • Smoked Swordfish with Sabayon Sauce
  • Seafood Mousse
  • Lobster Cardinale
  • Grilled Entrecote with Herbs
  • Scallops Dona Amelia
  • Tournedo of Veal
  • Saddle of Lamb
  • Scabbart Fish Viot
  • Green wine


PORK BE INSPIRED National Pork Board recipes from back ribs to spareribs, and all the pig in between.

VILLAGE VOICE, FORK IN THE ROAD Interesting article on New York’s 10 Best Museum Restaurants, directions and information.

BBC GOOD FOOD Here is a nice weekend recipe for Slow-Cooked Rabbit Stew (has brandy, wine, bacon and more.

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Celery, Increasing its Uses

When Boston’s Beacon Street families gathered on Thanksgiving back in the 1950s, just celerybefore the golden bird arrived, raw celery on a slender, oval platter was passed to each person who placed pieces on their bread and butter plate. The whole celery stalks were finger food, and before each bite, guests dipped their celery end into tiny, individual, Sandwich, Cape Cod, cut-glass dishes containing table salt for better munching. 

Today, we’d be at a loss to find a Bloody Mary without a decorative celery stalk for muddling or a side of it with our Buffalo Wings and Blue Cheese.  Continue reading

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