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Sweet Potatoes, Neat Bundles of Nutrition

Sweet potatoes are a fabulous source of vitamin A and make great lunch box additions. sweetpotNot just for holidays, these spuds are year-round favorites. A small amount of butter or oil maximizes the full beta-carotene amount found in them. Steaming or boiling also maximizes their nutritional benefits.

As far back as the 1500s, southerners were depending upon sweet potatoes for a great deal of their basic nutrition. They have served as a valuable staple for mankind throughout the ages.

The earliest sweet potatoes go way back to the Peruvians 10,000 years ago. How they arrived in North America from there is not clear. We do know, that while Columbus is credited more often for introducing European agricultural items to North America, this time he carried the sweet potato with him back to Europe. From there, Spanish and Portuguese seamen brought them to Africa, India and Asia. Continue reading

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Menu Sampling GRINDHAUS, NYC

Surf Clam Crudo
Spaghetti Nero
Purslane, Carrot and Cheese Quinoa
Duck with Rye Berries, Nettles and Chatrelle
Seppia Claims, Bread Crumbs Bottarga
Black Bass with Mussel Broth, Spring Onion and Chickpeas Continue reading

Watermelon Juice has Many Uses

It’s seems like orange juice has been around forever. However, there is a relatively new wmjuice in town, watermelon juice. Thanks go to our newer seedless watermelons. It’s a simple matter to pop some of the bright pink flesh into the blender and let ‘er rip. Its color is beautiful, its uses just as many as those of orange juice. Also, the new watermelons are smaller and quicker to chill.

Choose firm, symmetrical, bruise-free watermelons, ones heavy for their  size. Check for a yellow side where the melon has rested in the sun to ripen. Many families have their “foolproof way” of checking for the perfect melon, and these are okay, too.

People have a lot of fun with watermelons and so do the statisticians. They tell us, in the year 1999, over 4 billion pounds of watermelon were consumed. In 1990, a Bill Carson in Tennessee grew one which weighed over 260 pounds.

On the worldly scene, we learn over 1200 varieties are consumed in 96 countries around the world. Watermelons make a popular host gift from guests in China and Japan. The Israelis and Egyptians like to serve watermelon with feta cheese because of its saltiness. Continue reading

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  • Shrimp and Grits
  • Salt-Roasted Beets
  • Spiced Ahi Tuna & Eggplant Caponata
  • Pan-Seared Monkfish
  • Fresh Truffle Mushroom Risotto
  • Country-Ham Mac’n’Cheese
  • Olive-Oil-Poached Snapper

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Aioli, So Garlicky, So Mediterranean!

Ever go to a tapas bar, order their plain potato salad and discover it tasted “to-die-for?”aioli It’s the aioli! The same goes for Italy’s favorite, aioli pasta dishes, topped with grated Parmesan. Basically, it is a fresh, homemade garlic mayo sauce great on vegetables, fish, salads, on pasta or as a dip.

Aioli is made from an oil you prefer, fresh garlic ground into a paste. Make sure all aioli ingredients are at room temperature. It is important to point out, pre-peeled garlic or chopped garlic from a jar does not make good aioli. To the mashed garlic, whisk in a scant teaspoon of Gray Poupon mustard, then an egg yolk until blended. Continue by adding the acid, vinegar or fresh lemon juice. Next, slowly drizzle in a cup of oil, blending thoroughly until smooth after each addition. Add a couple of shakes of cayenne pepper, plus salt and black pepper to taste.

As is usually the case, different regions put their own spin onto aioli, usually influenced by local availability. Cooks in the West Indies, Caribbean region use bitter orange as instead of lemon juice.

Emulsions were very much an interest for all early chefs along the Mediterranean Riviera. Roughly you can think of France for aioli’s origination, Italy and its love of aioli with pasta and nearby, Spain, is where the emulsion, mayonnaise, was first said to be fashioned. Continue reading

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Menu Sampling BOABURG, NEW YORK CITY Brooklyn NY

  • Cheese Truffle Fries with Bacon
  • Goat Cheese Croquettes
  • Coconut Mussels
  • Maple & Soy-Glazed Chicken Wings
  • Braised Pork Belly
  • Seared Duck Breast Noodle
  • Bueuf Brisket
  • Linguini Aus Confit de Canard
  • Bacon-Wrapped Prunes and Dates Takovaki

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