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Eggs, So-Smart, So Affordable

Eggs are wonderful! Pearly white or light saddle tan in color, hen’s eggs are one of the most valuableeggs
foods we can eat, cost-wise and nutritionally. Each is its own unit and very transportable. They’re also an excellent source of protein, vitamins D and B12. Eggs play many healthful roles in our bodies as an excellent source for dealing with brain function, muscle strength and weight management. It’s also a healthy food for pregnant moms.

Eggs even act like baking power or yeast when it comes to raising cakes. Purchase eggs in various sizes from small to jumbo. Store in their original carton, in the refrigerator for up to three weeks.

51h3relz9-l-_sx258_bo1204203200_PUT AN EGG ON IT:  70 DELICIOUS DISHES THAT DESERVE A SUNNY TOPPING is a new cookbook by Lara Ferroni. It will keep the hens and you busy not only with new twists on familiar egg dishes, but new recipes, as well. The book also features recipes from a variety of international cuisines incuding Mexican, Israeli, Greek, Spanish, Korean, Thai, Japanese and Italian. Below are three egg recipes, from three separate countries we never heard of, and they sound delicious: Continue reading

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FOOD.COM  18 Summer Fun Kid Food Projects 


  • Tuna Medallions with Black Sesame, Cilantro
  • Smoked Salmon Carpaccio
  • Escargo in Puff Pastry
  • Shrimp Coconut Cream Soup
  • Stuffed Chile Poblano
  • Mahi Mahi al la Provencal
  • Al Pastor Shrimp Brochette
  • Cabreria
  • Baked Pacific Lobster Tail
  • Rack of Lamb


EMERIL’S  Some exciting, simple summer salads.

THE COMPLETE HERBAL GUIDE  Stay healthy, eat lots of herbs.

GOYA  Great selection of Latin menu item recipes.

Shooters on the Menu

Everyone loves an adorable kitten, or a frisky puppy. It seems we all like miniatures of most everything. This also applies to mini-dishes, mini-desserts frequently called “shooters.” smores-shooters

The earliest way to consume alcohol, in western movie fashion, as well as real life, was to throw back a shot of the strongest “stuff,” wince and demand another quickly. Then, along came mixed drinks, then cocktails, then shooters which have progressed far from the early days becoming more colorful, food added, sometimes sauces and additional liquors. “Shot” or “Shooter?”

For many the words are interchangeable. Amy Zavatto’s Compete Idiot’s Guide to Bartending stats, “a shooter will include a mix of liquors and a mixer; a short is a straight-up something or a couple of straight-up somethings.” A technical “must” seems to be that each shooter contains a minimum of 2 ounces and drank quickly. Continue reading

Brazilian Olympics’ 2016 – Cuisine


Taking in the Olympics in Rio this year? Wish you were taking them in? Either way, here’s some sense of the cuisine attendees will be considering on their menus. There’s also some insight into what etiquette they will be observing, as well. More than that the FOGO DE CHAO GUIDE  shares recipes for some of Brazil’s favorite dishes. This Guide is very comprehensive overview of Brazilian food and customs.

Besides being blessed with a rich, abundant seashore, high quality beef and many kinds of fresh tropical fruits. This makes exotic beverages containing fresh bananas, pineapples, guavas, mangos, persimmons, tamarind, passion fruit, coconuts and oranges readily available.


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