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Author Gui Alinat
A review by Marty Martindale 

Gui Alinat is a Tampa Bay, thorough-going French chef, Unlike too many, he’s real, so are his credentials. Born and raised in Provence, Alinat is also classically-trained in the south of France, Certified executive chef, food writer, food photographer, culinary instructor and owner of Artisan Botique Catering. 

One of his earlier books, “The Chef’s Repertoire is an essential chef’s apron-pocket reference that is perfect for every culinary professional and food enthusiast.” (See Foodsite Magazine’s review of that book.)  Continue reading

Spoon Bread Bliss

So airy, like a creamy cornbread pudding and lighter than polenta, custard-like, dense yet delicate! Some, spoonbreadin the southeastern Carolina Low Country consider a well-made spoon bread a national treasure, definitely an endangered southern dish. In restaurants it’s found in very select old hotel dining rooms and long-standing taverns. 

Just the words, “spoon bread” seem an oxymoron.  If you need a spoon, it is “pudding-like,” right? If it’s bread, you don’t need a spoon, right?  This Native-American dish, inspired long before anyone ever heard of powdered leavening agents. Continue reading

Foodsite Magazine Picksday Friday

CATACURIAN  Planning a cooking vacation in Europe? See what these people have to offer.


  • Oysters with Yuzu Koshoo Mignonette
  • Cured Fluke with Sea Urchin
  • Grilled Cuttlefish with Daikon Radish
  • Mackerel with Beans and Mojo Rojo
  • Lamb Ribs with Chardormoula and Honey
  • Ricotta Dumplings with Mushrooms and Pecorino Sardo
  • Pork with Black Trumpets, Farro and Onion

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Mark Bittman’s Kitchen Matrix:

More Than 700 Simple Recipes and Techniques to
Mix and Match for Endless Possibilities

Mark Bittman states, “For years I have said, if you can cook 10 recipes you can cook 10,000 … from simple recipes spring nearly endless possibilities. Over 700 recipes designed to make you want to branch out and make some of your own creations. Tis is an important food book at a time when cookbooks are becoming less in-demand due to recipes on the web.

Recipe generators are lists of similar ingredients from which you choose one or two. Then move onto the next list for selections until you have a finished dish. The generator recipes are different from the “ways” in that the latter gives a variety of ways to use all its selections to achieve one of many recipes. Continue reading

Foodsite Magazine Picksday Friday

MOON JUICE  Find Moon Milk, Shot Menu, Room Menu, Cleanse Menu and more.


  • Scallop with Foamy Jersalem Artichoke Soup and Truffle
  • Fried Skate Wing with Pear, Pickled Hip Rose and Wood Sorrell
  • Beef Tartar with Horseradish, Radicchio, Unripe Peaches and Figs
  • Beef Tenderloil with Beetroot, Smoked Marrow, Pistachio and Wasabi
  • Chateaubriand with Marrow and Truffle Gravy
  • Chantrelle Ice Cream with Honey, Blackberry and Pistachio

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