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Caramel Yummy, Sweet or Salty

Caramel is both a flavor and a process where sugar gets manipulated with heat and CARAMELadditives. It is also versatile and appears as candy, desserts, commercial flavoring and coloring. Lately we give ourselves permission to enjoy caramel as salty and in some savory dishes. Caramelized onions are an example of this.   

So, basically caramel is sugar in transition! It is an exercise in kitchen chemistry, with proven variables which govern a variety of textural outcomes. “Dry” caramel is heated sugar with no additives. “Wet” caramel” gets additional ingredients like butterfat, milk or cream. Each can entertain flavoring extracts, salt or seasoning. It can be made into a solid caramel candy, or it is used as a caramel syrup which when mixed with popped corn, and sometimes nuts, becomes caramelized popcorn balls. The syrup stage is what is used in  savory caramel dishes. Commercial caramel coloring is a bitter-tasting product and is used as coloring or flavoring beverages and other foods. 

Salted caramel, a lesson learned late from the Asians, gives caramel a new dimension, and additional ingredients aren’t only salt. For instance, the addition of soy sauce, fresh ginger and anchovies make this Caramel Pork recipe on  BBCGoodFood publishes their Asian Caramel Chicken Wings which has you add fish sauce, green chilli, cinnamon, ginger and lime to make a basic caramel sauce savory.  
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THE PIONEER WOMAN She takes you, step-by-step through the preparation of her best honeybeesbaked beans ever.

COWGIRL CREAMERY  There’s a huge world of worldly cheeses out there, and the Cowgirls Cheese Library explains it all. Look them up by texture, type milk, name and more.

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  • Onion, Apple and Old Tom
  • Heritage Potatoes, Peas, Broad Beans and Coal
  • Lamb, Grilled salad and Sheep’s Yogurt
  • Scallops Cucumber and Dill Ash
  • Raw Beef, Apple and Summer Truffle
  • “Tail of the Quail”99
  • Wild Stems, Squid and Mushroom
  • Foie Gras, Cherry and Nastursium
  • Bitter Chocolate, Wild Berries and Buttermilk

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HOMEMADE CHINESE SOUPS  Chinese soups are almost addictive, a warm,   sfdependable, healthy comfort food. Learn how.

KITCHEN PROJECT  Find a fascinating History of Dining Room Tables, as so many of us avoid eating tables.

HEALTH  Here’s 25 Healthy Sweet Potato recipes.


  • Wood Oven Roasted Manila Clams
  • Daikon Rice Cakes
  • Gaw Choy Gow
  • Grass-Fed Estancia Shaking Beef
  • Organic Chicken Claypot with Caramel Sauce
  • Wood Oven Roasted Whole Branzino
  • Spicy Monterey Squid
  • Cellophane Noodles with Dungeness Crab
  • Chue Farm Baby Bok Choy  

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Honey, Assuming We Keep Having It  

Agriculture depends greatly on the honeybee for pollination. Honeybees account for 80 honeybeespercent of it all. Without this process,  we would see a significant decrease in the yield of fruits and vegetables, and present-day findings point to the cause as changes in agricultural practices. We now experience abnormally low populations of bees, up to 70 percent less, causing a problem they call Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). 

Netflix, Amazon and On Demand have excellent documentaries on this complicated issue. We encourage you to express your concern wherever you can about  Colony Collapse Disorder.   

The history of honey goes  back 8000 years as evidenced in early cave paintings. Ancestors in all cultures have honored honey and worked hard to procure it. Over the years, it has served us by flavoring our food, being a part of certain medicines and contributing, as a symbol, in religious ceremonies.  Continue reading

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NOTSOHOT SAUCE Read some of the interesting combinations designed by NOTSO’s 10430487_683948264992633_3307669509679464134_nvisitors.

CARIBBEAN POT The usual suspects plus gadgets, gluten free, Bit’s & Bites and more.

BOB EVANS Interesting offerings including “Mad About Mashed,” slow coker rcipes and more.


  • Russ & Daughters Knishes
    Hot Smoke/Cold Smoke
    Kasha Varnishkas
    Super Heebster
    Yum Kippered
    Matzo Ball Soup
    Schmaltz & a Shot
    Pickled Herring Trio
    Soft Scrambled Eggs & Caviar
    Noodle Kugel
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Wonton Wrappers, Very Handy, Countless Uses

Wontons are referred to by many as “the Chinese answer to Italian ravioli.” wonton2Actually, many cultures have their favorite foods encased in bundles. The Italians have their ravioli, the Mexicans their empanadas, the Jews their kreplachs and the Chinese delighted in their dumplings or rolls. In short, these are neatly rapped bundles which can be filled with almost anything, savory to sweet, served from hors d’oeuvres to desserts. Twist, layer, stuff, fill, roll or stack versatile wontons. Make crispy wontons strips for tasty sprinkles.

Wonton wrappers are made from simple ingredients, wheat flour, eggs and water. Fill them with any tasty mixture, then bake them, boil them, steam them or fry them.

Look for packages of wonton wrappers in the supermarket produce section, refrigerated. Use or freeze before date on package. If freezing, use before 6 months pass. Thaw before working with them.

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