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Foodsite Magazine Picksday Friday Week of June 5

ARCHITEC PRODUCTS This site is the home of some nifty kitchen gadgets and great gifts for others.


  • Conquistador Jumbo Shrimp Martini
  • Flash Fried Calamari
  • Sonoma Goat Cheese & Duck Ravioli
  • Five-Onion Gratin
  • Grilled Radicchio Salad
  • New Zealand Red Deer Strip
  • “Long Bone-In” Rib Eye
  • Chile Sea Bass
  • Crispy Maple Leaf Farms Half Duck

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Plums, Get Creative!

When you see a small group of shoppers in a fruit department in front of baskets of  plumsside-by-side peaches and plums, chances are very strong most will choose peaches for their bags. The truth is, fresh plums are not very popular, though their “afterlife” as prunes, gives them a second crack at popularity. Almost no one puts plums on cold cereal, they don’t cut well, they just sort of crumble-under and, for some reason, we don’t see cartons of plumb juice for sale. Continue reading

Foodsite Magazine Picksday Friday Week of May 29

LYONS MAGNUS Distinctive recipes for salsas, chutneys, shakes, glazes, appetizers and sides.



  • Freshly Caught Caribbean Grilled Lobster
  • Mahi Mahi with Local Herbs
  • Local Snapper with Thyme
  • Grilled Chicken Breast Marinated in Ginger
  • Melted Lava Jerk Chicken
  • Kittitian Style Rice and Vegetables
  • Bastard Fish Burger
  • Shiggidy Diggidy Dog
  • Chicken Roti
  • Brinley Gold Coladas

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Shallots, We’re Grateful for Them

Could the world get along very well without onions or garlic? Probably not very well, as shallots we include them in most everything we cook. Could the world get along without shallots? Probably! However, it would be a world without a very interesting, distinctive, mellow, sophisticated, hard-to-place, musky-flavored members of the onion family. 

Shallots are heralded highly in the fancy kitchens of France and are an integral part of their classical sauces, compounded butters and dressings. Continue reading

Japanese Eggplants, We Love You!

Large, dark-purple, round eggplants have been with us for years, really our only eggplant. EGGPLANT

And, a good one was tricky to buy and cook well. It could have too many seeds. It could be very bitter. Its skin was tough, and it was generally a chore to work with. Part of this was slicing it, salting it heavily, letting it stand a good period of time before rinsing to salt away and preparing to fry it and keeping it from blotting in too much oil for taste sake as well as health sake. Continue reading

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